Everyone and anyone is invited to participate in the Initiative in whichever way they can.

Ways to participate:

A. Conduct research online or at a library and add information to the database

B. Help to manage the database by cleaning up, fact-checking and organizing information

C. Go out on your own to find specimens, recording information about their location and taking pictures if possible, then adding your findings to the database

D. Join an expedition organized by HKEI or by a fellow Explorer. Check our Events page for more info or sign up for our email list here!

E. Translating content from English to Chinese or Chinese to English

E. Any way you can think of! Tell us about your ideas here.

How to contribute to the database 

  1. Explore the HKEI Database
  2. Learn how to write and edit the “syntax”, or special code our database uses.
  3. Add your own findings or any information you find through research
  4. Make sure you cite your sources if you use any! Only use reputable sources.

How to help manage the database

  1. Become familiar with how the database works (see above for “How to contribute to the database”)
  2. Look for any spelling or syntax mistakes
  3. Try to ensure information is standardized across pages
  4. Check that sources given are reputable, and that the information is actually from that source (learn more on our database Resources).
  5. Re-organize information or pages that may not be in the right order or category