On this expedition we will be exploring the Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) south of Po Lin Monastery on Lantau Island, right by the famous Big Buddha. A SSSI is  a place, on land or in the ocean, designated by the government to be “of prominent interest for its flora, fauna, geographical, geological or physiographic aspects, and thus is of special scientific interest” (Green Power). This particular site was chosen as it is the location of Hong Kong’s (and the world’s) largest population of Romer’s Tree Frogs. This species, which is also Hong Kong’s smallest frog, is found nowhere else in the world.

This will be a casual, easy expedition during which we will also complete Section 4 (1.25 hours) of the Lantau Trail, which ends at the Big Buddha. If the group feels like it, we can check out the Buddha or we may even continue on to do Section 5 (2.75 hours).