What is the Hong Kong Explorers Initiative (HKEI)?

The Hong Kong Explorers Initiative aims to encourage people to explore and appreciate Hong Kong’s wilderness by crowdsourcing an online database of HK fauna and flora, with a focus on endemic species. We also lead expeditions during which we search for specific species or learn about wildlife in general. We believe that the more informed and engaged Hong Kong people are with nature, the better we can all protect Hong Kong’s environment. The project was created with the support of the National Geographic Society.

How can I participate?

You can be as involved as you would like to be. You can do research online or at a library  to find information to add to the database, or you can go out into the wilderness and see what you can find out there. You can go on an expedition on your own, organize a group one, or join one that was organized by HKEI or anyone else. We would love to hear about your ideas about potential events, expeditions or projects! Use the contact form below to send us a mesage.

Who started the HKEI? 

It was started by Laurel Chor, a native of Hong Kong who wanted to encourage people to explore and learn about the biodiversity and natural beauty of the city. She is a National Geographic Young Explorer.

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